I want to tell you about one of my biggest inspirations, Teri Trotter.

Almost 8 years ago, Teri was diagnosed with breast cancer. As a mother two children, I’m sure it was a frightening diagnosis for her and her husband to take. Teri, however, did something remarkable. Not waiting for chemo to take full effect and lose her hair gradually, she shaved her head. When it came time to go out with friends one night, she donned a pink wig and the rest is history.

How many people think of others first when diagnosed with a deadly disease? How many people take a diagnosis and turn it around? How many people create an organization to let women feel empowered to face their crisis head on with swagger and pride? Not many, but Teri Trotter did, and she still does today.

Teri initiated the Pink Wig Project event which raises money to give women fighting cancer pink wigs, raises awareness for genetic testing and also helps the West Clinic with more private patient care facilities during cancer treatments.

Teri does all this while still battling cancer. Her selfless, humane, compassionate, and loving traits are an inspiration to everyone who knows her. She is my role model by showing me how to give back with a smile and style while facing a crisis head on. I am so grateful that I have gotten to know Teri and most of all, I am so grateful to have someone to emulate by giving back to others, no matter what your situation is.

Thank you, Teri, for being a part of our mission, and I thank you on behalf of all cancer families for giving us a light in the darkness. It glows brightly to everyone around you.