John “Bad Dog” McCormack was a powerhouse and meant so very much to me.
While I never knew him personally and was just a fan, the one thing I will always remember about him is his unbelievable laugh. When you heard him laugh you could not help but smile.

The reason we picked Bad Dog as one of our honorees is because of his great service to the cancer community and the Ronald McDonald House. This is a man who was diagnosed with cancer who would still go and visit children while he was undergoing chemotherapy himself. Bad Dog let them know it was okay to lose their hair because he too had lost his throughout his treatment. That was such a selfless, humane and loving act by a man who lived his life to the fullest.

Bad Dog ultimately lost his battle with cancer, but his legacy and impact still remain with us. Every year there is a radio-thon for the Ronald McDonald House. Anytime this event takes place, it feels empty without hearing John as a part of it. However, his laughter and love still shower this event that continues to share his passion for those children battling for their lives.

I am so honored that Tim McCormack and his family accepted for him to be among our group of honorees for 2016. Courage Thru Cancer is a group of people trying to inspire others to fight. There is no way to have this group without one of cancer’s greatest fighters! I salute you John “Bad Dog” McCormack, and I thank you for being such a great example for so many to follow in your footsteps.