Where does donated money go?

All monies donated to this website will be used to expand the reach of this site during it’s infancy stage.  There will be no funds used for personal gain.  This entire site’s goal is to reach all cancer facilities and hospitals to help with their Patient Outreach Care services.  Once donations surpass operating costs, then money will be used to upgrade the technology and presentation of couragethrucancer.com.

Are donations prioritized?

There is no cancer facility that will have domain over another in Courage Thru Cancer’s mission. This site is designed for all cancer types to be able to share real life stories of courage and inspiration, and in turn, give these stories a platform to exist.

Will you support my event?

Our events page is open to anyone wanting to post an upcoming event about their specific cancer organization in their locale.  Just submit via e-mail info about your event, and we will post immediately.