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Ethele Hilliard

This incredbile woman exemplifies true courage and conviction to impress upon others how to handle their battle. Take the time to listen to this remarkable warrior who has joined our effort. Thank you again, Ethele Hilliard, for inspiring so many! Honored to have you among us!



Jane Ezzell

Some show courage through mettle.Some show it through sheer determination. Others show it through humor. This Southern Belle graces us all with humor which helps us smile more when we see her–even in difficult times. It is my honor and privilege to have Jane Ezzell as an Honoree this year!



Jennifer Chandler

 She is a true mark of inspiration for any potential patient to draw from. Her positive smile and spirit jumps off the screen, and I cannot be more proud to have Jennifer join our CTC family!!!  Thank you , Jennifer! You truly are a great example of courage for all of us!



Bruce Hopkins

Who would think a routine eye exam would lead to a battle against the most lethal known ocular cancer imaginable?!? Bruce Hopkins faced this crisis, and his life was forever changed. His story should be a lesson to all who shun their physical health. Please take a moment to hear our  friend’s story,  Bruce Hopkins.



Mike O’Neill

Mike O’Neill, the Head Football Coach of the Collierville Dragons. Some coaches are leaders of men. This coach is a leader in life by the trial of fire he endured to be an example for others to learn from. We are so honored to have this incredible example as part of CTC!



Kim Bowden

 Her name came up by so many women who used her inspiration in their own fight. She embodies everything I see Gerry Finney do for everyone they know facing this disease. Kim is the personification of giving back and supporting others with the love and knowledge she possesses. CTC is honored to recognize this incredible warrior! Thank you, Kim, for allowing us to share your message to our community!



Stephanie Simpson

Stephanie Simpson was mentioned to me by my friend, Jeff Fioranelli right before last year’s event. She was the first person we asked to be involved this year. Stephanie Simpson is a game changer. Whatever you put in front of this woman, she will conquer, INCLUDING cancer. In honor of her being the Chairperson for this week’s Fight On 5K for West Cancer Center, we give you one of the finest examples of how to never let cancer define you. She has taken her experience and turned it on its head! Thank you for being involved, Stephanie!



Sonya Faught

Without a doubt the bravest person I’ve ever met. Staring down this monster and transforming her life after in the most daring and positive way. We are honored to have this warrior among us! Thank you, Sonya Faught, for being a light for so many, no matter their situation.  You are the definition of perseverance.