Our Mission

Courage Thru Cancer is a 501(c)(3) organization of families forged together through a shared battle dedicated to encourage and inspire those who are forced to face this disease.  By sharing individual life experiences with others who are facing this battle, CTC exists not only as a living tribute but also to ensure that no story goes untold.


Stories Shared

The stories of Courage Thru Cancer are from actual cancer survivors, families of those whose lives were lost, and from friends and family members whose lives were touched by those who battled this disease.

Madison’s Story

With my therapist’s help, I learned that although I didn’t want to be defined by cancer, it is a part of my story. I needed this cancer journey to mean something more and have purpose. Thank you, “cancer” for beating me down, to show myself that I can get back up.

Marsha’s Story

I have survived 12 years from Stage 3 ovarian cancer & 23 years from Stage 3 breast cancer. As a survivor, I want to help others in their cancer journey to move through their fear, as well as send out hope to believe they are not alone.

Courage Thru Cancer (CTC) invites you to attend and/or be a sponsor of our 7th Annual CTC Celebration benefitting Baptist Cancer Center, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, & West Cancer Foundation.


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