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Brown Dudley

  Brown Dudley’s path in this fight is so inspiring to anyone diagnosed with leukemia. I can think of no one that can give a more positive message to anyone than Brown. Thank you, my friend, for joining this movement to inspire people to fight with the same passion that you exemplify!


Kate Horton

Kate Horton has fought with courage and conviction to overcome several battles. She now inspires everyone with a can-do attitude to help others learn from her fight!


Sally Mattis

Sally Mattis, is a living, breathing miracle. What she endured last winter most people do not recover from. She was spared for a reason, and now we are all the better for it. She is funny, loving, caring, and a warrior! We are honored to have this angel among us, and I encourage everyone to listen to the person that has lifted my spirits every time I’ve been in touch with her.


Lauren Weiner

Lauren Wiener, has given any cancer patient the how to mentally prepare yourself video here. Her calming effect just jumps through the screen. Please watch my friend who though she receives inspiration from so many, she inspires so many right back!



Robyn Raby

Robyn Raby has been a friend for over 30 years, and we are so proud of the example she has shown all of us during her fight! Congratulations and thanks to Robyn on her involvement in showing us how to face this monster while trying to stay upbeat at the same time.


Sam Sudduth

Sam Sudduth reminds me more of Gerry Finney than anyone I’ve met. If you have ever faced cancer, but more importantly have faced this disease multiple times, you need to watch this to the very end. How one faces this disease with the positive conviction of Sam should be an example to ALL of us, cancer or no cancer. Thank you Sam for walking us through every stage. Your last line plants me every time I watch it! You are the epitome of CTC!


Rod Suess

Rod Suess, is a fighter, pure and simple. He’s been knocked down several times, and he keeps charging! He’s driven, and we are honored to have this inspirational warrior join our cause. Please take a moment to listen to someone whose fight has left a lasting impression on us all.



Jon Thompson

Jon Thompson, has a positive outlook in everything and is why he personifies Courage Thru Cancer. While getting knocked down, he found the positive motivation to get through the treatments. CTC and St Jude could not ask for a better ally than Jon Thompson.